Creating things out of zeros and ones (the digital world). Is what I have been doing for over 20 years. This includes graphics, web design, purely digital, or sourced from client’s organic or digital originals.

My experience includes designing websites, phone apps, corporate logos and product design, photography,photo restoration, audio production and more.


These days, having a web-site is not enough. Even when your website is all in order and optimized the fun doesn’t stop there it must be managed to gain visibility on the net.

This requires making your web page as attractive as possible for prospective clients, target audiences and search engines. This requires dealing with the math and science of getting ranked and staying ranked. This includes optimizing the creative content generation to help get you found in Google and to keep you there. SEO will expand your brand recognition.




A combined selection of the creative services offered. A selection of digital photography, with images taken in Columbia South Carolina, all the way to Maine.  Graphic design examples for both print and web.

From graphics designed and created to help establish a customer’s brand as well as advertise. Used for both printed materials like flyers and coupons. To banners for websites re-purposed into vehicle and billboard graphics.  Digital photos for websites and printed catalogs. Show casing products to architecture.


Simply put we specialize in creating and building websites for small & medium sized business.  And then get your site found in Google and Bing.
Using organic search engine optimization. We can help you generate the content you need to help attract customers to your physical or virtual door.