Sharing and Social Media P1.

These days, everyone has some sort of social network account. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. The list goes on and on.

We have friends on social media, family who uses it. We find information on events or local business on Social media constantly. We use it to recommend products or services. Research the market for other objects or things we want and need.

Everyone is quick, well is often quick to see something a friend post on say Facebook. And like it. Liking something on social media is a great way to show support or interest via social media.

What you really want to do. If you are trying to support a company. Or even more importantly, get your business found on social media. Is to have people share your post with other. Who hopefully in turn share via their social media platform and help you get found.

Sounds easy, it is easy but how often do people share vs like or worse just do nothing with it. How do you get people to share your content on social media? What do you do? Comment below

Facebook Advertising Columbia South Carolina

These days Facebook has become common place. A great way to stay in touch with old friends, make new ones or advertise to like minded people. There are some rule to designing these ads. From the technical of dimensions and content and color. To making sure your Facebook ad is targeting the right demographic. Bringing the right message to the right people.

It isn’t rocket science but it can be a little confusing. Why not contact us and let the team at help you get to the market you need.

If you need photographs or images we can help. If you are just getting started with your digital presence we can help there too. Based in Columbia, South Carolina we are here for you.

WordPress redesign, Google Guides and more

Been a busy couple weeks since this site went up. Found out as a Google Guide (for Google Local) the  photos are getting a heap of attention. Which is  great cause they are helping folks find things they are looking for.

Being as I am still sorting out the photography from the recent road trip, should be some more people finding stuff.

In other news, getting ready to help out a distant client based in Vermont.

If you haven’t seen, EveryonesChild or haven’t heard of them. They are worth checking out. Specially if you are looking for a charity that actually helps the people they say they are versus making money off them. I know the woman who runs the site personally. Great and lovely human.

Happy to do some WordPress work and some photo editing as well as some graphic design. From South Carolina to Vermont and Africa. Having met some of the kids they help a few years ago. Smiling now thinking bout their smiles.

And well great way to sharpen some graphic design skills and photo editing between active clients. A little volunteer work is good for the soul.

Road Trip.

So many years ago, I lived in New Zealand for awhile. Had a great time and made some amazing friends. Fast forward 13 years and my good friend Drew is over to visit. Fellow musician and all around good human.

So tomorrow he and I and my new stuffed toy Kiwi, head north from the great state of South Carolina to explore.

Today however we toured the South Carolina Military Museum. Met some of the staff. Who were all friendly and filled with interesting facts and history bits. Absolutely worth the time to take a look at some amazing military history. Specifically relating to the men and women who serve or served our country.

Looking forward to going back and talking to them more.

Stay tuned for pictures will be coming soon. Having some sort


Digging around hard drive that mostly survived flood back north. So some more examples posted and more coming soon.
Pardon the sizing on some, apparently the originals of a lot of them are damaged and wont reproduce properly. Some how the sized for web stuff is mostly ok. Stay tuned.

Words soon.

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